Meet Jacqueline!

Jacqueline is an elementary school librarian, education assistant and freelance writer in Calgary, Alberta.

Her first picture book entitled Little Grain’s Big Adventure was inspired by the beautiful beach at Napili Bay, Maui and the endangered humpback whales she saw nearby. Jacqueline wanted to highlight the beauty of Maui but also wanted to bring attention to endangered animals not only in Hawaii but also along the Inside Passage along the coast of Canada and up to Alaska.

Little Grain’s Big Adventure is Jacqueline’s debut picture book which was just published in November 2014. It is the story of a grain of sand that is bored with his daily routine in Napili Bay, Maui (one of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean). He seeks adventure and excitement and asks his friend, Little Bird, to show him the world beyond the bay. Little Bird obliges, and Little Grain embarks on an adventure that takes him from Maui all the way to Alaska where he becomes stranded on an iceberg. How will Little Grain find his way back home? Will a passing pod of humpback whales rescue him from his predicament? To find out, request your personally signed copy of Little Grain’s Big Adventure.

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