Calgary International Film Festival

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I’m very excited and honoured to be reading Little Grain’s Big Adventure at the Calgary Internationl Film Fratival on Wednesday 20th May at 10am, 11am, 1:30pm and 2:30pm and Saturday 23rd May at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm. I will be in the inflatable blue whale in Olympic Plaza! How fitting to be reading inside a whale. Just like Little Grain inside Little Whale’s mouth!

Little Grain Reaches Africa!

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Rob Lavoie reading Little Grain's Big Adventure to Michael in Kenya.
Rob Lavoie reading Little Grain’s Big Adventure to Michael in Kenya.

Little Grain’s Big Adventure has reached the African continent! Dennis’s engineering colleague, Rob Lavoie, took a copy to Kenya and had to read it every night for two months to the two sons of his host family.

Little Grain has also reached England, Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, Hawaii, Phoenix, and will soon arrive in Israel.

Visiting Maui

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Maui Ocean Center gift shop
Maui Ocean Center gift shop

Maui Ocean Center I have just spent a glorious 10 days in beautiful Maui with my husband, Dennis. We stayed at the Kahana Reef in Kahana, not far from Napili Bay, with a 180 degree view of the ocean from our lanai.

Guess what? I managed to see Little Grain and his millions of brothers, sisters, cousins, and other relatives at Napili Bay. He seemed to be very happy to be back home. When I snorkelled in Napili Bay and Kapalua Bay I saw the giant turtles, beautiful rainbow coloured fish and colourful coral. One turtle came out from his cave on the ocean floor and rose to the surface right next to me. I could have touched him, but that is against the law here. We looked at each other and then he dove back down to his cave. So neat. I’m sure it was the turtle Evan drew in the book.

I also went whale watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation and saw a mother and baby humpback whale. They put on a fantastic show for us, breaching and playing in the ocean. I wonder if they were related to Little Whale. Then we saw a whole school of spinner dolphins leaping and diving right ahead of the boat, just like the ones Little Grain saw from the cruise ship.

And I think I saw Little Bird in Lahaina with some of her other Macau friends. It looked exactly like her with the same beautiful rich yellow and blue feathers.

One highlight of my visit was reading Little Grain’s Big Adventure to children at the Preschool at Kapalua and to the grade one, two and three students at Maui Prep in Napili. They really enjoyed it so I signed and donated copies to the schools. I also donated a copy to Lahaina Public Library so that lots of local children can enjoy reading about Little Grain’s adventure.

I visited a number of stores in Maui to see if they would be interested in selling Little Grain, and had some positive feedback from a couple of places. Keeping my fingers crossed that things will pan out and that Little Grain will be available for purchase in Maui and possibly other parts of Hawaii.

Will post again when I’m back in Calgary.

I’ll have to check my suitcase to make sure Little Grain hasn’t sneaked in to go on another adventure. I really do t know why he would want to leave this Paradise again. But you never know…