Support at School

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Cake from St. Hubert staff

Lovely to be appreciated
Well, it was a busy but very rewarding week. It was Scholastic Book Fair week at school so I was running around like a crazy person setting up the Fair, selling books (including a few of Little Grain’s Big Adventure on the side), counting money, helping students find books, etc.

On Thursday, my principal and staff at St. Hubert elementary school surprised me with a gorgeous chocolate cake inscribed with, “Congratulations to our author, Jacky.” Everyone gathered in the staff room for an early supper and a supposed “staff meeting” when Mr. Jugovic, our principal, stood up to say a few words to recognize my achievement publishing my first book. The chocolate cake was then unveiled. It was very unexpected but very much appreciated. It’s so wonderful to have the support of the school. Thank you to all.

On Saturday I had a table set up at the Beddington Co-op Christmas Craft Fair. Despite the very inclement weather and -30oC temperature resulting in a low attendance, I still managed to sell 8 books. It was nice to have my friend, Lorraine Aha, as my table neighbour selling her unique handmade jewellery.

Successful Christmas craft fair

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Just came back from the Dalhousie Community Centre Christmas craft fair. It was a successful day. I sold 29 copies of Little Grain’s Big Adventure! Evan turned up in the morning and signed some copies and became quite a celebrity when people found out he had illustrated the book at such a young age.

Feedback we received was very positive and everyone loved the bright, vivid illustrations. Thanks again Evan for your fabulous artwork. Also, thanks to Vicki for helping in the afternoon so that I could wander around the other exhibits and go to the washroom! And thank you to Dennis for bringing me a hot sandwich for lunch.

Jacqueline and Evan
Artist and author come together
for first sale



Books are here!

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Little Grain's Big Adventure in shipping boxes
Little Grain’s Big Adventure arrives!

I got them! Just returned home from TransX in Rocky Mountain House where the books arrived at 4 am today. It was a bit of an ordeal finding the depot. I left my cell phone at home which didn’t help especially as Dennis was following me down to help bring the 16 boxes back. I had the phone number, address, Dennis’s number all on my phone. And I was lost somewhere in Southeast Calgary. I pulled into Tim Hortons and they tried to help but I couldn’t remember the name of the depot. Then I pulled into Staples and managed to log into a computer there to check my e-mails. I finally found TransX and luckily Dennis was there waiting in the car park.

We had to reverse up the ramp and have the boxes loaded into the back of the Volvo and Saturn. The total weight was almost 700 lbs. It sunk in that I was finally an author when the TransX worker asked if they were my books and then shook my hand and congratulated me saying he had never met a real live author!

Once home, Dennis had to lug the boxes up the steps into the house. They were much too heavy for me to shift. So, I finally have the books in my hands. They look good. Nice and glossy. And of course they have that new book smell.

Well, time to sit down, relax, let it all sink in and have a little celebratory drink. Hot chocolate of course!

Little Grain's Big Adventure on display
The journey is complete!
Books are ready for delivery.